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Victory’s 15th Anniversary Kick Off

Starting February 15th, Victory Brewing celebrates their 15th years of craft brewing.  They call their home Downingtown, Pennsylvania – a small northern suburb of Philadelphia full of really freaking nice people.  (With access to fresh really freaking great beer.)

Victory mentioned today how grateful they are for the people they have supported over the years, and the ‘”characters” that have made their success possible – i.e. HopDevil, Golden Monkey, St. Victorious.  On Feb 15, “Fifteen Years of Characters” a movie dedicated to the last 15 years of beer & brewing at Victory debuts at the brewery.  It serves as a nationwide kickoff to their nationwide celebration of the big 15.

Via Victory Beer Blog:

Emerging from true obscurity in a truly obscure location, we’ve had 15 years (almost) to demonstrate our character here at Victory. Early on we debuted the brazen beast known as HopDevil. This menacingly delicious little ruffian assaulted folks’ sensibilities with a heady, citrusy hop bite tempered with a comforting resolution of rich, German malts and served notice that east coast IPAs had arrived with style. Against the pleas of our few wholesalers in 1997, who correctly recognized that pilsners were misunderstood and generally lame at the time in the US, we stubbornly rolled a new era pils, Prima, and have gained fans and acclaim steadily since with this appealing, crisp quencher. At 10 years we introduced a strong altbier, bright with brassy, German hops that was a deliciously round peg that defied any convenient square hole with our Ten Years Alt.

But innovation needs an appreciative audience and therefore none of these beers could have achieved their destiny, to be loved, if it were not for the characters consuming these exciting brews. We are talking about you. You are one of our characters, a player in this story of craft brewing risk and reward.

So, mindful that our family includes you as much as the characters we’ve developed in HopDevil, Golden Monkey, St. Victorious, etc. we look to celebrate our ’15 Years Of Character’ with all of those who have contributed greatly to the success of Victory.

Starting on February 15, our fifteenth anniversary, we’ll kick off a year of events nationwide, that celebrate our past 15 years together. Join us at Victory on Feb. 15 to witness the first screening of ‘Fifteen Years Of Character(s)’ our video homage to the fans of Victory. Hear the Victory stories of fans and friends like Greg Koch of Stone Brewing and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in this video. That night we’ll pepper our hot, new February menu with some favorite menu items from the past 15 years of Victory, demonstrating the deliciously creative ways that our staff has captured your imagination.

You’ll find Brewmasters Bill & Ron here that evening as well, signing commemorative posters and celebrating your contribution to Victory’s success. Regarding our 15th year, Ron commented, “Nice, six more years before I can enjoy a Victory beer!” To which, Bill added, “Excellent, we can act like we’re 15 for a solid year now!

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