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Victory Jubilee, a sparkly toast to 21 years

Victory Jubilee

Victory Jubilee, a biere de champagne and unique departure from many of the brewery’s styles is hitting shelves now.

Style, Biere de Champagne.

You don’t see a lot of this style running around the American brewing industry. Think of it as the Belgian way to compete with high-end wines. A Belgian ale that undergoes fermentation with champagne yeast. The resulting beer features a lot of that fruity, esthery, phenolic character, with an effervesce of a sparkling wine/champagne.

Victory Jubilee creates just that – a sparkly, effervescent beer with nice fruit notes from German Blanc hops. A great way to toast Victory’s 21 years of brewing in Pennsylvania.

Join the Jubilee as we toast 21 years of Victory! This lush and decadent BIere de Champagne has been fermented with Champagne yeast to marry the lively and effervescent character of sparkling wines with the rich, fruit-forward flavors of Belgian-style ales. German Blanc hops impart aromas of pear, apple, and white grape while citrus and spice flavors culminate in a crisp, wine-like finish.

Victory Jubilee is now a 750 milliliter bottle release.

Style: Biere de Brut
Hops: German Blanc

Availability: 750ml Bottles, Draft.
Debut: January, 2017

12% ABV