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Victory for Rock Art Brewery!

Rock Art's Vermonster Barleywine

Rock Art’s Vermonster Barleywine

For those of you that might not know the full story, it boils down to this. Rock Art Brewery, a small family run brewery in Vermont, brews a barleywine called “Vermonster.” Recently, Rock Art received a letter from Monster Energy drinks advising the brewery to cease and desist all sales of Vermonster, or face legal consequences. By now you like many others that have read about this story are probably scratching your heads. Who could get these two confused?

Well people came out in full force to support Rock Art Brewery nationwide. A call for a boycott of the Monster Energy drinks, constant anti-monster tweets, websites, t-shirts fighting against corporate greed, etc. Just about an hour ago – 6:30 EST, a statement was released by the brewery. Monster backed down! Under the condition that Rock Art doesn’t enter the energy drink market. (Why won’t they just admit this is idiocy, and a frivolous lawsuit???) Sorry for the commentary. Ultimately, Vermonster will go on, and the small family brewery will continue making it’s now famed barleywine.

Victory for Rock Art! Victory for craft brewing!!