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Upland Sour Reserve

Bloomington, IN) — Head Brewer Caleb Staton started Upland’s sour ale program as an experiment in 2006 with only four oak barrels for aging sours. The program has grown much since then, and along the way Caleb has blended portions of his favorite batches together in a single barrel to create the live harmony of tartness, fruitiness, and layers of unique flavor that we call Sour Reserve. After years in the making, this exceptionally complex beer, possibly our finest creation yet, is finally ready for release.

At 12pm (noon) (Eastern time) on Tuesday, October 5th, online reservations for this limited release beer will open on Bottles are $25 and will be available for pickup at our Bloomington Brew Pub or Indy Tasting Room from October 18th through the 31st.

But that’s not all! Alongside reservations, we’ll open online ticket sales for a Sour Reserve Reception to be held the first weekend of the pickup period, on Saturday, October 22nd. Attendees will have the chance to sample all ten styles of sour ale released by Upland, including the Sour Reserve, and meet our brew crew. Only 100 tickets are available, and they are $30 each. You do not have to reserve a bottle of Sour Reserve in order to buy a ticket (but why wouldn’t you?). The reception will take place at our Bloomington Brew Pub from 3-6pm, and will include an assortment of cheeses and fruits suggested for pairing.

About the Beer:
Our Sour Reserve is inspired by a traditional style of lambic known as Gueuze, which has been brewed in Belgium for centuries. We make our lambics with a turbid mash of unmalted wheat and aged hops, then ferment the beer with a combination of yeast and bacteria similar to what you would find in the Senne Valley of Belgium where lambics were developed, which gives the beer a strong, pleasant tartness. The lambics are then aged in oak, and we blend portions of our favorite batches together in their own barrels to develop unique flavors and aromas that can never be replicated. The final step in this patient process is bottle conditioning, which creates a fresh, zesty carbonation. To read more about Upland’s sour ales, visit