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Update: Prairie Artisan Ales Georgia Distribution

On Thursday afternoon, Beer Street Journal mentioned that Oklahoma based Prairie Artisan Ales would be distributing in the state of Georgia. For many, that was great news, and news traveled fast.

Where did this information come from? Well, I was sitting in a company wide sales meeting at the mentioned distributor, where it was shared that Prairie would be entering the Georgia market. This information was shared while other brewery representatives from other craft breweries in the room. News? Yes. Now public knowledge? Yes.

Later that evening, I received a call from the distributor, asking that the article be removed. After reaching out personally to Prairie, they verified that no paperwork has been signed to distribute in the state.

In the meantime, sorry to say that Prairie is not distributing to Georgia. (At least for the time being.) I’m not sure what prompted the distributor to make such an announcement, but for all those asking, this is the chain of events as of late.

At the time I published the article, I had gotten the information from the (distribution) source.

When and if they do, you’ll read it here.

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