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U.S. Craft Beer Reaches 6.5% of Beer Market [Infographic]

U.S. Craft Brewers Growth

The Brewers Association (BA), the trade association representing small and independent American brewers, released 2012 data on U.S. craft brewing growth. Some stats:


  • U.S. Beer Market grew 1%
  • Craft Brewers volume up 15%
  • 17% Increase in dollar growth
  • That’s 1.8 million more barrels of beer

In 2012 – Craft Brewers produced 13,235,917 barrels of beer

  • Craft Brewers represented 6.5% of the U.S. Beer Market, up from 5.7%

“Beer is a $99 billion industry to which craft brewers are making a significant contribution, with retail sales share hitting double digits for the first time in 2012,” said Paul Gatza, director, Brewers Association. “Small and independent brewers are consistently innovating and producing high quality, flavor-forward craft brewed beer. Americans are not only responding to greater access to these products, but also to the stories and people behind them.”

Total Breweries: 2,403
Total Craft Breweries: 2,347