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U.S. Brewery Count: 2,126. 1,252 In Planning

The Brewers Association just released some mid year numbers. At a glance, the current brewery count in the United States stands at 2,126. Of that number, 2,075 are considered craft breweries (less than 6 million barrels; barrel = 31 gallons) a year.

In planning, are a whopping 1,252 breweries are in planning. up from 725 in June, 2011.

97% percent of U.S. brewers are craft brewers.

One thought on “U.S. Brewery Count: 2,126. 1,252 In Planning

  1. What does this mean? Is the market saturated? Is there room for growth?  How about beer production volume per capita so we know if there is room for more beer in the industry?

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