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Tweet From Beer Advocate Founder Gets Bad Feedback

Todd Alstrom, one of the founders of, tweeted his joy at seeing a family’s car towed from their parking lot right before Hurricane Sandy hit. I’m not sure he expected the response from his followers he got. As you can see below, it wasn’t very positive.


The Reddit thread has 300+ responses now. When you type his name into Google, douchebag is part of the suggested search. Isn’t technology great?

25 thoughts on “Tweet From Beer Advocate Founder Gets Bad Feedback

  1. Yeah from my brief interaction with the guy he seems like a real ass. Though, this brother seems nice enough. BA is surviving on the fact that they’re entrenched, but technology is slowly but surely passing them by.

  2. Yup.. I certainly won’t get a subscription now.. Thanks for exposing this guy for the insensitive jerk he is..

  3. I am really happy you decided to post this. All the other “beer news” places backed off like scared little puppy dogs. You just gained a reader because of this.

  4. Reid, LOVE you (even more) for posting this. Todd is such an arrogant asshole. They’re (him and Jason) bullies and total pricks and slowly but surely the beer world is starting to see that.

  5. Careful Ried, Todd’s been very quick with the BA banhammer from this. Even people that commented on reddit w/ the same username as their BA account have been banned. I don’t know if you care about using BA or not, so just a heads up.

  6. Called him out on BA and got my 5 year good standing account deleted. Oh well. Better beer people out there to do business with. Better people out there period.

  7. I can’t wait until their BA gravy train comes to a screeching halt. Seriously, all it will take is one act, and the site could crumble, just like Digg.

  8. Makes me wish I had started out on Ratebeer instead of BA. The guy has a total superiority complex because he runs a beer website. I’m sure he was a douche prior to BA, but owning such a popular site has only amplified it. Seriously, anyone who has been a member for more than a month will come to hate him. Would not be sad if BA crashed an burned.

  9. Both brothers on BA are jerks and the quintessential snobs. You always see the big fat one, Jason, talking about all the beer he has in his cellar on almost every thread he posts in.

  10. Thank you. Todd is the most uneducated, ignorant, asshole in the world. You just know someone has beat his ass and pissed in his mouth at least once.

  11. The only reason Todd Alstrom gets away with being such a humongous prick is because people who belong to BA have invested so much (wasted) effort in documenting their beer experiences via reviews, that they’re afraid to walk away not matter how low this piece of shit stoops. Me personally, I create new handles on BA frequently just to open the communication line between him and I and tell him what I think of him.

  12. So during the last “superstorm” to hit New England, Todd mocks a family getting towed from his lot. The very next storm to hit the region targets the same weekend as BA’s Extreme Beer Fest, bringing about the cancellation of at least some of the sessions (thus far). The National Weather Service has started naming these big storms–are they going with Superstorm Karma for this one?

  13. What a total loser. All beer related people, industry folk etc. . . should find a more reputable entity to associate with.

  14. FUCK HIM AND HIS SHITTY FUCKING MAGAZINE!!! They run their site like true Nazis. Wait, aren’t they German?

  15. Now they want $30 for their magazine. There’s barely ever anything interesting to read about. A shit ton of ads. No thanks! I really hope they (the site and the mag) go belly up. We need to show more support to

  16. Todd is a total asshole. I was banned multiple times for making sane comments about various things. I got a “stop your whiny ass bitching” response and ban from him. I have finally decided to leave. My problem is now I have no access to the posts and reviews I made on that site. This is clearly an infringement of several constitutional rights including the right to freedom of speech and intellectual property. If some law firm is willing to take on BA I am sure there are lots of other folks willing to join a class action suit against them. This is a clear violation of our most basic rights as American citizens.

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