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Tim Tebow Has A Beer Namesake. “Tebrew”

Leave it to my good friend Ale Sharpton to find this beer.  Tim Tebow has a beer named for him – dubbed Tebrew – The Sunday Sipper.  Tebrew is brewed by Bonfire Brewing,  a strong barleywine for a strong quarterback.  Sadly, Tebow doesn’t drink beer, but I’m sure he would approve anyway.

Yep, the Bonfire crew, a quintet of Coloradans (Andy Jessen, Matt Wirtz, Amanda Hensley, Ken Hoeve, and Phil Jessen) are set to unleash a potent beast that is already making headlines nationwide without pouring their first 10 oz. serving Well it makes sense. Tebow is simply the man not only in Denver for his now legendary number of 4th quarter comebacks, but for thousands of others globally who are inspired by his lifelong dedication to Christ thanks to his parents –missionaries who birthed him in the Philippines prior to raising him in Florida.

The brewery is waiting on special Tebrew glasses to arrive before pouring the beer in their Eagle, Colorado tap room.  [AleSharpton, BonfireBrewing]

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