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This Should Piss Some Women Off.

More on Chick Beer.  Going on record here. I love women who drink good beer.

Insightful? Or Ignorant reporting. You Decide. [Via @Cicerone_Org]

6 thoughts on “This Should Piss Some Women Off.

  1. I am FURIOUS with this bullshit story! These people know nothing about the beer industry or the women in it. And they certainly don’t know a damn thing about the women who drink beer.

  2. What a joke! I can’t even figure out how this happened, did someone find some anorexic bimbo to interview and then decide that’s what real women are?
    Piss poor journalism at best, damaging and irresponsible for sure! They should pull this thing down! Simply embarrassing!

  3. I couldn’t even watch the whole this because of this stories idiocracy.  Women have been brewing beers longer than most people think.  Shame on CBS and the self proclaimed “first women brewer” for not doing their research.

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