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This Is How You Wreck A Coors Truck

I guess if you are going to steal a Coors delivery truck, you might as well crash it too.  And to just make the whole thing more trashy, wreck it in a Walmart parking lot.

Steven Ison, 29, stole the truck that was on delivery in Williston, North Dakota and went on a joy ride.  No word if any beer was stolen.  He could face $10,000 in fines, and 10 years in the pokey.  There is no taste of the Rockies in prison.  [WillistonHerald]



3 thoughts on “This Is How You Wreck A Coors Truck

  1. He should have also been charged with hit and run. He hit a camper in the parking lot before hitting the pole, and nearly killed 3 or more people. Hey Coors, we’re faithful customers! Now every time we see a Coors truck we cringe and run.

  2. The beer truck was empty.  It was sitting at a local bar that was holding it for someone else who had purchased it for its personal use.  This man wasted all of his time and engery in stealing something that had NO BEER IN IT AT ALL!!!!  @ReidRamsay:disqus I think he did wake up saying that as he is still sitting in jail for this!!!!!

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