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There It Is! Bud Light Platinum

AdAge back in September mentioned that Bud is interesting in expanding the family of products – namely Bud Light Platinum.   The beer would be a higher alcohol version of it’s predecessor, in the 6%-8% range.

It looks like the project is coming to fruition at 6%.  Even though AB hasn’t made an official press release, a label has surfaced.

The AdAge article Via BeerAdvocate:

A recent AdAge article mentions it briefly in an unrelated topic and suggests it’ll be somewhere between 6% to 8% ABV; Bud Light is currently 4.2% ABV.“And Bud Light might be preparing a new line extension for BudLight called Bud Light Platinum, with a stronger alcohol content by volume ranging from 6% to 8%, according to a report this week by beer trade publication Beer Marketer’s Insights, which cited discussion among distributors.

The website was registered by AB, but the site is not active.

Release: TBA

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