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Unknown Vehopciraptor. Big hops. Little arms. No bottles.

Unknown Vehopciraptor Glass

Unknown Vehopciraptor Double IPA returns to the North Carolina-based brewery’s lineup for the forth time on September 15th. In 2017, you won’t find this animal in bottles.

Unknown Vehopciraptor features highly aromatic scents due to the seven different hops and nine additional ingredients used to brew this prehistoric beast.

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The Vehopciraptor was a terrifying beast that roamed free millions of years ago, wreaking havoc on local natives and their taste buds. It would use it’s large claws and aromatic bite to strike swiftly. We’ve attempted to capture the spirit of this beast. With 7 hop varieties and 9 additions, this double IPA packs a serious bite.

Unknown Vehopciraptor is available only on tap in 2017. The first pour can be found at the brewery in Charlotte on September 15th.

Style: Imperial IPA
Availability: Draft only
Latest Return 9/15/17

9.9% ABV