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The Hoppiest Bracket You’ll See This Month

Paste Magazine is doing their own version of a March Madness Bracket, the Top of the Hops Paste IPA challenge. A total of 64 American IPAs are going head to head to see which beer is a slam dunk.

The folks at Paste have broken it down into four regions. If you are thinking what I’m thinking – it seems like the southeast would already be behind thanks to the hop plentiful west coast. For this bracket, the southeast is Maryland to Texas. Other rules: No beer surpasses 7.5% ABV (no imperial IPAs), no pale ales, and each each beer must be available year round. (Sorry Hopslam, Pliny the Younger, etc.) 7 judges will choose who advances.

Fill out your choices, today and follow along. Hell, even drink along. This is bracket we can get into! [PasteMagazine]


One thought on “The Hoppiest Bracket You’ll See This Month

  1. Whoa…how are these ranked? Jockamo a #1? Green Flash/Uinta, Bear Republic/Ballast Point in the first round?? Stone a 16? Hopefully, that’s inverse! No Flower Power in the Northeast?!

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