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Tennessee welcomes stronger beer with law change

2017 brings a much needed change to Tennessee beer laws. Stronger beer is on the way.

Prior to this law change, brewers could only sell beer with alcohol by volume no higher than 6.2%. As of January 1, 2017, that cap has been raised to 10.1% ABV.

In the past, selling beer over 6.2% alcohol by volume required a high gravity/distillers license. This change means opens up more recipe/style opportunities for the brewers in the state.

To exceed those limits requires a high gravity license (aka distiller’s license) and, because a retailer would need a liquor license to sell anything above this ABW, there are far less distribution possibilities. So, now, we can finally brew beers the way we truly want without these barriers. – Christian Spears, Tennessee Brew Works

Needless to say, expect an influx of higher alcohol by volume beers released across Tennessee this month.