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Take A Look at David Firestone’s Package [VIDEO]

Firestone Walker (Paso Robles, CA) has unveiled new packaging for their core lineup. The idea behind the shift in branding is to make a more impactful retail presence, while keeping key brewery elements intact. David Firestone explains his new package above. Your first hi-rez look is below.

“The unifying gray background on the new labels is inspired by the shades of textured metal that you see at our brewery,” said Andrew Wickstrom, the brewery’s design director. “We kept the secondary colors for DBA (blue), Pale 31 (yellow) and Union Jack (red) while creating new logos that represent the personality of each beer. The lion and bear icons are now more crisply defined as well. Overall, we think it’s a nice balance between fun, fresh and familiar.”
The fresh look rolls out October 15th.

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