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Dogfish Head to release R.E.M. inspired beer, complete with Swiss Army Knife

Dogfish Head It's The End Of the Wort As We Know It

Dogfish Head It’s The End Of the Wort As We Know It, a “nutrient-rich survival beer” on January 27th. 

With an overt nod to the band R.E.M.’s seminal 90’s track, Dogfish Head It’s The End Of the Wort As We Know It will make a limited appearance at the Delaware brewery later this month.

Using nutrient-rich superfoods like including purple sweet potatoes, rose hips, chia seed, flax seed, spelt, oats and quinoa, Dogfish Head created a beer with 8x more Vitamin B than the leading light lager. Additionally, “End of the Wort” boasts 90% of the daily recommended serving of folic acid. That means this beer can fight anemia better than most beers. In an ironic twist, folate deficiency can be caused by alcoholism. (Life is confusing.)

In true “Off-Centered” fashion, each of the 200 bottles of Dogfish Head It’s The End Of the Wort As We Know It will sport a brewery branded Swiss Army Knife,  survival blanket, and paracord. Everything you need to survive a wilderness drinking situation.

“We are not making any health claims in association with this beer.  We are merely sharing our brewing process and the culinary ingredients we chose for the recipe that are rich in alluring aromas and flavors.”  Slightly tart and subtly sweet with jammy blueberry, cranberry, and cherry flavors, this medium-bodied beer clocks in at 9% ABV and is a critical off-centered ale to include in your survival bunker. – Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Founder

Dogfish Head It’s The End Of the Wort As We Know It is limited to just 200 750 milliliter bottles. On sale for $45 dollars at the brewery on January 27th.

Style: Belgian-style Strong Ale ( Purple Sweet Potatoes. Rose Hips. Chia Seeds, Flax Seed, Spelt, Oats. Quinoa)
Malts: Oats, Spelt
Availability: 750ml Bottles. 200 Bottles, Brewery Only
Debut: 1/27/18

9% ABV

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Brewing With Banana, Mango, & Coconut

Mongozo is Belgian brewer that has been making a name for themselves in the world by using a unique ingredient.  Brazilian fruits.   We’re talking coconut, quinua, banana, mango & more.  The beers are fair trade, organic, and gluten free.

Monzogo is based in The Netherlands – the name means “To Your Heath!”  in the language of the Chokwe people of Africa.  Sadly, Monzogo beers are not available yet in the United States.  Still look tasty though. [Mongozo]