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“My Bud Light Tags.” AKA. Write less, drink faster.

Bud gimmicks. Or fun for hammered people.  As of yesterday, Budweiser announced the “My Bud Light” program.  The program entails adding a label to the 12 ounce bottles that the drinker can brand with their name, phone number or whatever you’re able to spell with a key or coin.

Quoting Bud:
“This new bottle is one of the many ways we can bring Bud Light’s fun personality to life,” said Mike Sundet, senior director, Bud Light.  “Bud Light drinkers are always looking for fun, quirky ways to express themselves, and the My bud light bottle offers them a canvas to do just that.”

It’s a gimmick for sure.  Perhaps not a bad idea. I’ve always been looking for a way to designate “My Pliny The Elder.” <Anheuser-Busch>