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Transmitter & Burial Beer Team Up

Transmitter NC1 Appalacian Farmhouse Ale

Asheville, North Carolina’s Burial Beer Co. recently collaborated with Transmitter Brewing in Long Island City, New York. The result – NC1 Appalacian Farmhouse Ale.

Burial’s Doug Riser met the Transmitter Brewing team on a recent trip to New York. All it takes is a beer with brewing friends to get a collaboration started. Appalachian Farmhouse Ale uses Transmitter’s house wild yeast, plus North Carolina wheat, wildflower honey, and sumac (a small shrub).

North Carolina mailed and unmalted wheat, foraged sumac, wild flower honey and limes. Fermented with a house blend of three strains of Brett.

Transmitter NC1 Appalachian Farmhouse Ale will be released by the brewery in New York.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Honey, Sumac, Limes)
Availability: 25.4oz Bottles
Release: TBA

5.2% ABV

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Wicked Weed Hiver Sommeil, a 2nd “winter” offering

Wicked Weed Hiver Sommeil

Wicked Weed Hiver Sommeil is by our estimates, the second release in the “Hiver” line of beers. “Hiver” translates to winter in French.

The December release was a spicy, bourbon barrel-aged dark sour, Hiver Joie. The second release – Wicked Weed Hiver Sommeil (Winter Sleep) is a Belgian-style tripel, brewed with candi sugar and honey. The twist however, is the use of the wild yeast Brettanomyces in the fermentation process.

Hiver Sommeil is reflective of all that we owe to the old world beer styles. This barrel-aged Belgian-style Tripel is brewed with honey and Belgian Candy Sugar and finished with our house Brettanomyces culture. River Sommeil is an offering of gratitude to the rest winter brings. Sleep sweet.

Wicked Weed Hiver Sommeil is a 500 mililiter bottle offering. This release has not yet been announced by the brewery.

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Honey. Candi Sugar)
Availability: 500 ml bottles
Release: TBA

9.2% ABV

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Burial Beer The Keepers Veil Honey Saison, 12/26

Burial Beer The Keepers Veil Honey Saison

Burial Beer The Keepers Veil Honey Saison will be available at the brewery in Asheville, North Carolina on December 26th.

Wildflower honey is the key ingredient in Burial Beer The Keepers, plus dried herbs and flowers including lemongrass, hibiscus, chamomile, rose petals, passion flower and elder flower.

The saison goes on sale at the brewery at 2 pm, $10 per bottle.

Style: Saison (w/ Honey, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Rose Petals, Passion Flower and Elder Flower)
Availability: 750ml bottles, Draft.
Release: 12/26/15

?? ABV

Image via Burial Beer Co.

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Pipeworks & Emporium Arcade Bar Team Up for Epic Back to the Future Release

Pipeworks Twin Pines Mall

Chicago’s Emporium Arcade Bar and Pipeworks Brewing have teamed to create a special offering for Back to the Future day. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about – the Back to the Future, Marty McFly heads to October 21, 2015 in future Hill Valley, California.

As for the beer, meet Pipeworks & Emporium Twin Pines Mall Imperial IPA. Brewed with spruce tips and wildflower honey. Twin Pines Mall is the mall Marty met Doc at when he first met the Delorean. (Hopefully, none of this needs explanation.) Emporium tells Beer Street Journal that they chose Twin Pines, even though Marty kills one of the trees in the past turning it into Lone Pine Mall, because they wanted o make it imperial IPA. (AKA, Twin.)

“Get your DeLorean up to 88 MPH because Pipeworks & Emporium are taking you Back To The Brew-ture. For Twin Pines Mall we fueled the Flux Capacitor with 1.21 Jigawatts of spruce tips & wild flower honey. The future is now so drink up before you’re OUTATIME. Great Scott!”

Pipeworks/Emporium Arcade Twin Pines Mall releases on draft at the Emporium Arcade Bar (Wicker Park) on October 21st. Package will be available on October 22nd at the Logan Square location.

Style: Imperial IPA (w/ Spruce Tips & Wildflower Honey)
Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Chinook, Zythos
Malt: 2-Row, Bonlander Munich, Red Wheat, Golden Naked Oats.

Availability: 22oz Bottles, Draft
Release: 10/21/2015

8.5% ABV

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