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Orpheus Brewing’s New Sour: Sykophantes

Orpheus Sykophantes

Orpheus Brewing (Atlanta, GA) has released Sykophantes Fig Sour this week. The fall offering is a part of the brewery’s rotating sour series.

Sykophantes features a few hundred pounds of figs, and dark candi syrup. A follow up to the summer offering, Serpent Bite.

In ancient Greece, “showing the fig” was a vulgar hand gesture, and Sykophantes means “one who shows the fig”. Earthy and full of dark fruit flavor from hundreds of pounds of figs and dark candy syrup, but with a sourness that cuts the gentle sweetness, Sykophantes is our fall beer.

Orpheus Sykophantes is available on draft only, through December, 2014

Style: American Wild Ale (w/ Figs, Candi Syrup)
Hops: Northern Brewer
Malt: Two row barley, Munich, Special B
Yeast: Rochefort

Availability: Draft Only. Oct-Dec

7.5% ABV

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Jailhouse Brewing Releases Restraining Order Porter [VIDEO]

Jailhouse Brewing Company (Hampton, GA) is releasing Restraining Order Porter, hopefully by the end of December.

Those astute folks that have seen the boxes for Jailhouse 22oz bottles have probably seen mention of the beer over the past couple of years. Glenn Golden and the brewing team have had planned to release this beer for quite sometime, but never could fit it into the schedule.

Restraining Order Porter is brewed with local figs, giving the beer a dark fruit note. This isn’t your average porter. RO is less dry then your standard porter, with a flavor developing through each sip.

Look for this beer to hit shelves in a few weeks, and again in November, 2014.

Style: Porter (w/ Figs)
Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft. Winter seasonal

6.5% ABV

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The Alesmith/Cigar City “Dubbel Coast” Collab

Just a bit more on the upcoming Alesmith/ Cigar City Brewing collaboration, Dubbel Dare. The brewery travelled down to Tampa recently to create a tropical collaboration.

The result is this 80’s throwback, Dubbel Dare suitable for a physical challenge. When you think about Florida, you think beaches right? Coconuts, palm trees, etc? There’s the inspiration for a tropical Belgian-style dubbel. Coconut palm sugar was used in place of candi sugar. Deglet Noor dates and Black Mission figs were added to the fermentation. An abbey yeast strain rounds out the flavor. Now you have a “dubbel coast” collaboration.

Cigar City will bottle this in 750ml bottles for Florida distribution.

Style: Dubbel (w/ Coconut Palm Sugar, Deglet Noor Dates, Black Mission Figs)
Availability: 25.4oz Bottles
Arrival: TBA


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Deschutes Black Butte 25th Anniversary Reserve

To celebrate their 25h Anniversary this year, Deschutes Brewery is releasing a special edition of their yearly and flagship beer Black Butte. Black Butte XXV will have an addition of cocoa nibs, Mission figs, and Medjool dates and a 20% increase of the portion aged in bourbon barrels. As you enjoy this brew you’ll find complex notes of vanilla, tart and dried fruit, and chocolate.

Look for Black Butte XXV in 22 oz wax-dipped bottles and on draft to most of the 21 states where Deschutes beers are sold over the next few weeks, in limited quantities. While the label says best after June 10, 2014, Deschutes recommends drinking one now and cellaring another for later.

Style: Imperial Porter (w/ cocoa nibs, figs, dates, bourbon aged)
Availability: Draft, 22oz bottles
Arrival: June 27 2013

11.3% ABV

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Deschutes Black Butte XXV Arrives Late June

Deschutes Brewery celebrates 25 years this year. A big milestone for sure. Coming late June is Black Butte XXV. This 25th Birthday Reserveis brewed with dates, figs, black currants, and cocoa nibs. Partially aged in bourbon barrels. Best time to drink will be a year from now. (Totally serious.)

Using select cocoa nibs and locally roasted coffee, Deschutes partnered with equally passionate local artisans to craft this potent, colossal homage to Black Butte Porter. A final aging in aromatic whiskey barrels infuses a truly handcrafted depth and the complexity of fine wine.

Style: Porter (w/ Figs, Dates, Black Currants, Cocoa Nibs. Partially Barrel Aged. Bourbon)
Availability: 22oz bombers
Arrival: Late June, 2013

11% ABV 

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Mother Earth Fig & Raisin Bottled, Arrives Saturday

Mother Earth Brewing’s (Kinston, NC) has bottled release #3 in the Window Panes Series – Fig & Raisin. Bottles will hit the tap room this Saturday. Look for it around North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia in the coming weeks.   Belgian style dubbel with locally sourced figs and raisins, aged in apple brandy barrels.

Style: Dubbel (w/ FigsRaisinsBarrel AgedBrandy)
Availability: 750 bottles, Corked & Caged
Arrival: 2/9/13 (Tap room release)

?? ABV 

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Mother Earth Adds Figs, Raisins, Brandy To Windowpane #3

Mother Earth Brewing (Kinston, NC) is on the cusp of releasing the third in the Windowpane Series – Fig & Raisin. For months now, the release has been sleeping in North Carolina Brandy barrels waiting for the big time. Mother Earth brewmaster Josh Brewer (yep, that’s his name) chose a Belgian style dubbel with locally sourced figs and raisins. The total production per release is limited to just 20 barrels. (620 gallons.) Blackberries was the featured fruit in release #1. Peaches (currently available) is release #2.

Third in a series of four North Carolina inspired beers,Figs and Raisins Window Pane isa Belgian Style Dubbelbeer fermented with North Carolina Apple Brandy barrels for three months. Anticipate a prevailing aroma of dark fruit, blended with vanilla and oak to greet you. 

Style: Dubbel (w/ FigsRaisinsBarrel AgedBrandy)
Availability: 750 bottles, Corked & Caged
Arrival: TBA (Awaiting Gov’t Approval)

?? ABV 

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