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Beer Street Journal Video: SweetWater Releases Red Hot Mama

SweetWater Brewery’s (Atlanta) newest addition to the Dank Tank Series, Red Hot Mama arrives this week.  This edition is an imperial red ale, brewed with fresh picked centennial hops. The hops were picked on a Monday, and were in the kettle the next day.

The release is limited to just 200 barrels, bottle and draft. Arrives this week until it sells out.

Style: Imperial Red Ale
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft.

8.6% ABV


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SweetWater Has a Red Hot Mama

Coming soon to SweetWater Brewing Company’s Dank Tank Series is this lady, Red Hot Mama. El Danko, the man, the myth, the legend, AND the inspiration behind the series, has another chick to brag about. She’s an imperial red ale brewed with fresh (hot) centennial hops.

Just like the other Dank Tank predecessors, there’s a backstory:

Red Hot Mama The Red Hot Mama from Yakima was one bad Itch, running through fanners like they were her personal toys. She especially had her way with our old buddy Vinny from Van Horn Farms and left him drained in the field as she hitched her way out of town with a dress full of fresh hops. This Red Hot Mama was not one to mess with. She hooked up with a Harley gang, and made her way down to Atlanta looking bra soul to steal. She met her match with El Danko, and the two of them got nasty in the brewhouse together; clothes and hops were flying all over the place. The load of fresh Centennial hops were dropped, and Head Brewer Nick Nock scrambled to use ’em as they smelled extra dank! After hosing off, El Danko showed her the door. He knew he didn’t have enough left in him for another round. Ride on, Red Hot Mama. Girl, you sure look good to me!

Style: Imperial Red Ale
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: October, 2013

8.6% ABV

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SweetWater’s Next Dank Tank Has a Gameshow Vibe & a Love Child [Updated]


SweetWater Brewery’s (Atlanta, GA) next experimental brew in their Dank Tank Series features a Belgian influence. This new offering has a daytime gameshow vibe, as the adventures of El Danko continue. Take a read below and question whether that coffee you’re drinking is strong enough.

Workin’ as a caddy at Bushwood, El Danko was stoked to find out he would be shouldering Boob Barker’s bag. Figuring Boob was a swell guy who liked to have fun, El Danko slipped an exploding golf ball onto the first tee. Boob was so enraged after the ball blew, he threw a haymaker at El Danko and broke his high heel. Fearing a big lawsuit and being hammed in the tabloids, Boob offered him a rigged spot on The Price is Wrong to keep him quiet. Sure enough, down in Studio City 42 days later. Rod Roddy bellowed out to 0 Danko “Come on down!” He was ecstatic as they wheeled out some fancy leather chaps and some extra crisping hair mouse which he just purchased last week. Bidding $420 m the lot El Danko nailed it! With a kiss from Barker’s Beauties as the bonus, he strutted on stage and with a wink he gave a slap on the ass to Boob Barker himself.

On to the big prize, El Danko was confronted with the infamous Cliff Hanger climb! Just as the yodeler was about to cliff dive off the ledge, he came to a screeching halt. The Dankster had pulled it off.  Claiming the prize behind Door #2: Pimpin’ high heels and some private the behind Curtain 43 with Ester-y, the Belgian Barker Beauty, who 9 months later delivered the biggest strprise of all! Blam!!! El Danko is a dad living in Belgium. Jobless, he got a gig at Easte-y’s family brewery to pay for his Price is Wrong lovechild, Barnold Schwarzenkegger. The Boob Barker Belgian Behemoth Boogieboy. Benjoy

Style: Belgian-Style Strong Ale
Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo
Malts: Marris Otter, Pilsner, 2-Row, Wheat

Availability: 22oz Bombers, Draft
Arrival: August 13th, 2013

9% ABV

Update: Launch date added

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SweetWater Puts Some Strange In A Bottle

Yeah, it was delayed. A brewery undergoing an expansion like SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia can expect some growing pains. The newest release in the brewery’s Dank Tank Series (and first brew in the top secret, yet to be unveiled to the public) brewhouse has been bottled.

Soon you’ll get Some Strange, a black IPA. Having had a taste off the tanks this week, know this – you are in for a treat. Imagine SweetWater IPA (bright and citrusy) with a dark/coffee complexity. Yeah- I thought you’d like that.

Get the low down on more Dank Tank releases.

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Beer Street Journal Video: SweetWater’s 16th Anniversary

This month, SweetWater Brewing Company (Atlanta, GA) turned 16 years old. (The Sweet 16 party was rockin!) Attendees got the first taste of SweetWater’s 16th Anniversary Ale. The beer is a red wheatwine, that approaches 11% ABV. A wheatwine is like a barleywine, just brewed with lots of wheat. In this case, red wheat. This smooth, boozy beer smells has a banana/bubblegum nose, with a nice floral taste. Drink now, or cellar a few for special occasions.

The beer was bottled today and ships out tomorrow. Look for it on shelves early next week.

Style: Wheatwine
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft
Arrival: Now

11% ABV 

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SweetWater 16th Bottled This Week

SweetWater’s (Atlanta, GA) 16th Anniversary made it’s debut at the party over a week ago. The beer is being bottled this week. Look for the red wheatwine on shelves the first week of March. This the second “Anniversary” release by the brewery.

Style: Wheatwine
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft. Limited offering

10%+ ABV