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CASK ALERT! Terrapin Side Project #9 – Dark Side

As far as I know, you are the first know Terrapin Dark Side Bottleabout this.   This Tuesday at Taco Mac’s “The Fred”  the first ( and I think only) cask of Terrapin’s New Side Project “Dark Side” will be tapping.

UPDATE! – This cask will feature Dark Side aged on Cherry Oak.

More about “Dark Side”?  Click Here

NOTE  – AS OF 12/18/09 – You must have at least 13 credits on your Taco Mac Passport list to gain entry to “The Fred.”

Taco Mac – Prado – “The Fred”


6 pm!

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Sweetwater’s Brew Your Cask Off!!!

SW Cask OffBeer people! Big News!!! Sweetwater’s HUGE cask event is coming soon!!!  Read the release from Sweetwater here –

ATLANTA (December 17th, 2009) — SweetWater Brewing Company is putting a personal touch on cask ale festivals by inviting some lucky ducks to come down to the brewery and create their own version of a cask ale.  The “Brew Your Cask Off” Cask Ale Festival on March 20th, 2010 will feature 70+ cask entries all made on site at SweetWater Brewery by the fortunate folks who are invited or won the chance to brew their own recipe.

“We are creating a couple of base beers for them to start with and then letting their wild creative side take over from there!” said Mark Medlin, SweetWater’s Brewmaster.  He will be overseeing all of the casks to make sure the final products are as tasty as the inspired recipes these amateur brewers had intended them to be.  “Of course, we’ll have a few casks of our own for the festival as well.”

Those invited will be given a Cask recipe form and work directly with Hop City, a local package store and home brew shop, to pull together their master list of ingredients to go in their casks.  They will have access to a diverse amount of yeast strains, spices, fruits, dozens of varieties of hops, and a plethora of offbeat adjuncts and additions.  The only limits for this will be their creativity!  All entries will be professionally judged prior to the tasting with awards for the Best Brews being given out during the Festival.  Folks attending will also have their voices and votes heard as well with the People’s Choice award for the top cask.

The diverse list of guest brewers will include retailers of SweetWater brews, National and local beer media, home brewing societies, a few nonprofit organizations, and a some celebrities who will be stepping up to the plate to show off their skills.  The non-profits will have the ability to not only have a cask entered into the festival, but also to raise some money for their organizations by auctioning off that privilege as well.  Once on board, the guest brewers will work with Hop City package and home brew supply store to acquire all the necessary ingredients to create their masterpiece.

Kraig Torres, owner of Hop City says “We are so excited to be a part of Sweetwater’s upcoming ‘Brew Your Cask-Off’ Pro-Am. We are huge fans of the beer and highly passionate home-brewers; frankly we aren’t surprised Sweetwater has found a way to tap into both of these outlets! Our entire team – including our experts in beer, wine and home brewing – have contributed ideas for ingredients that will make each entrant’s beer truly unique. Considering we stock more than 1,500 beers here at Hop City, we had plenty of resources for inspiration. We know it’s going to be one heck of a con As always, Sweetwater has found a novel way to grab the attention of the beer world here in Atlanta and beyond.”

For more information on SweetWater’s “Brew Your Cask Off” Cask Ale Festival, to see the full list of guest brewers, and to order your tickets for this one-of-a-kind event visit

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CASK ALERT – Traditional Wassail

5 Seasons WestsideEvery Thursday, at 5:55pm 5 Seasons Westside and brewer Crawford Moran tap a cask.  The cask is different every Thursday and each time more and more unique.  Today in the spirit of Christmas, Crawford is tapping Wassail.

Wassail traditionally is a hot spiced punch resembling cider.  It is generally accepted that wassail was actually a mead or beer, served spiced and warm.   The term wassail derives from a Middle English contraction wæs hæil which means “be healthy.”   The wassail was served at holiday feasts.  The drink was placed in a bowl and heated, then spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and sugar.

The 5 Seasons Wassail stays pretty traditional.   This wassail is a barleywine that will be heated on a stovetop.  Mulling spices are then added — cinnamon, ginger, star anise, coriander, allspice — then served.   Can you honestly find another place that serves a traditional style wassail?  Good Luck if you can.   I once again must tip my hat to Crawford Moran’s brewing brilliance.

Tapping — 5:55 pm Today (12/17)

5 Seasons Westside

1000 Marietta St NW

Atlanta, GA 30318


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Love Casks? Get to 5 Seasons Brewing

Beer Engine on Left, Frank Tate hop tower on Right

Beer Engine on Left, Frank Tate hop tower on Right

Crawford Moran, Brewmaster at 5 Seasons Westside, and 5 Seasons North (Alpharetta) is doing a lot for casks and craft beer in Atlanta.

Every Thursday at both locations, at 5:55 pm a cask has been tapped. Casks have ranged from IPA’s, Brown Ales, and Porters. Today is no exception as we are just hours from 2 more casks about to hit the beer engine.

Westside location today is featuring an Oatmeal Porter cask. Crawford describes it as “A nice, easy drinking, sessionable porter. It’s brewed with floor malted Maris Otter barley – simply the best malt in the world. The oats add another dimension to the character, a little more complexity, and a fuller mouth feel. It should be a great style for the beer engine.”


The cask at the North location is a real treat. It’s dubbed the “Hop Bomb Express.” HBE is the Plan B IPA that has been dry hopped, again IN the cask, and then as it is gravity tapped (on the beer engine, essentially “pumped” into your pint glass,) it is run through a device called the “Frank Tate” a tower full of whole leaf hops. (See image above.) At this point the beer is passing through whole leaf hops on the way to the glass adding more hop character. Finally, the actual pint glass is dry hopped. Hopheads, you CAN’T miss this.

Another note, the 5 Seasons North location has bottles of their Haiku Trippel aged in French Oak cask. Also, bottles of the Reserve 500 — an imperial stout aged in a Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel for 500 days, then bottle conditioned with a Belgian Trappist Yeast strain(Trappist = special Monk strain.) Both are 750 ml, corked.

One last bit of news, 5 Seasons Westside location will be keep a cask full time now. So, if you can’t make it to the cask tapping, you will always have access to one. Another big step for beer in Atlanta, thanks to Crawford. I’m sure craft beer newbies & beer geeks alike will rejoice! Keep up the amazing work Crawford Moran and brewing team!

Interested but can’t make it to the casks tonight? Follow me on twitter for pics @atlbeermaster & @atlantabeer and check out my Facebook page here —