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Sweetwater Superswarm Cask

Ok beer drinking social media addicts.  Here is a fun event during Atlanta Beer Week 2010.  You better have read the previous post about the casks featured on the Sweetwater tour for beer week.  Well, one day in particular has been enhanced.

Wednesday May 19th – Sweetwater is featuring a cask –  “Dirty South” a dark version of our IPA dry hopped with Centennial hops.”

In addition, Sweetwater is adding a social media twist – Foursquare.   Hope you know what Foursquare is by now. ( & (  Go there now, learn it, download the app to your phone. You’ll need it.   For this event, if you check in on Foursquare you’ll receive –

½ Price pint glass with your Four Square Check

10% discount on SweetWater Schwag

Random raffle prizes to boot

Also – if the event hit 250 checkins, then everyone will unlock to infamous Super Swarm Badge — marking all you fine folks as the 2nd group in the US to ever unlock it.  1st and only so far was at South By Southwest.

So, if you’re not on board with Foursquare, crawl out from under your rock and get it.  You’ll need it.  Drink up!

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