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Surly Succeeds! Destination Brewery On The Way

Surly Brewing fans rejoice.  Today is a good day. Beer legislation is working in your favor.  In their 5th year, Surly has been planning a $20 million dollar “destination brewery.”  This issue was Minnesota laws prevented the dream from being realized.  The biggest issue was the prevention of being able to sell pints of beer at the brewery.

The Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association a liquor lobby, was standing in opposition of Surly’s plans.  The brewery hired lobbyists & fought back on behalf of the “Surly Nation” and won.  The law has been softened to allow breweries producing less that 250,000 barrels a year to be excluded from current regulations.

The new destination brewery will have a beer garden with rooftop terrance, restaurant & bar.  Location TBD.  <StarTribune>

Full list of Surly’s Plans HERE