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Surly Seviin: Belgian, Wheat, & Metal

A name synonymous with both metal and craft beer – that’s Surly Brewing Co in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Each year, the brewery celebrates its birthday with a new anniversary brew aimed again at “desecrating conventional styles”. As odd as it may sound, Seviin (see what they did there with Roman numerals) is the first time the brewery used wheat in a beer.

This anniversary brew changes each year, according to Todd Haug and Omar Ansari’s whim. All you have to do is prepare your senses. Each release is hard to forget.

Continuing our quest to despoil and desecrate conventional beer styles, we’re raiding Trappist traditions to produce this Belgian Style Ale brewed with Rye, Oats, and Wheat. Our first beer EVER brewed with wheat! Belgian yeast creates classic clove spiced banana aroma and flavor. Dry hopping brewing floral and citrus aromatics to the biscuity-smooth malt body. 

Availability: 750 ml bottles
Arrival: June, 2013

?? ABV