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Surly Narrows Search

The search for Surly’s new location is being narrowed down.  Per the brewery today:

While we’ve been doggedly busy behind the scenes, we can’t share details just yet on our new brewery project or the locations under consideration. After the bill was signed last year, we went to work to find the perfect site for our Destination Brewery.

We’re not just looking for a bigger building, or any available plot of land; we are looking for the future home of a world-class brewery, so there’s a lot to consider from location, to zoning, to growth flexibility, to access, to image, to water supply. It would be easy to find a simple plot of land 40 miles outside of the Twin Cities, but that’s not our vision. Besides, the Surly way isn’t the easy way.

Though we’ve been quiet, we haven’t been sitting still. We’ve been touring breweries around the country to compile ideas, and have been making progress on the big question: Where’s it gonna be?

When we started our search last fall we identified more than 80 properties in almost 30 cities. We’ve narrowed it to 8 properties spanning several cities and a few counties. This is a 100-plus year decision, so a lot has to be considered for the site of the Destination Brewery. We’ll be getting more Surly soon

In the meantime, we are beginning our search for an architecture/engineering firm for the new brewery, and again we are looking to Surly Nation for input. Our request for qualifications can be found in our Brewer’s Blog on our website.