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Stevens Point Tacking on 3 Million Gallons

Stevens Point Brewing LogoStevens Point Brewery is embarking on their 3rd expansion in the brewery’s history.  The $1.1 million dollar expansion is designed to keep up with the demand.

New equipment:
Nine new fermentation tanks, two new bright beer tanks, a new 7,000-gallon hot water tank and a centrifuge for filtering finished beer.  The brewmasters will be able to brew 6 days a week instead of 5.

Total Expansion:  120,000 barrels
(or 3,720,00o gallons of beer.)  That’s a 20% increase.

Previous Expansions:
$2.6 millon dollars has been investing in Stevens Point since 2009.

“Last year we added 6,600 square feet of warehouse space, five aging tanks and three fermentation tanks to bring our brewing capacity up to 100,000 barrels per year,” Martino said. “In 2010, we built a 2,700-square-foot addition to expand our keg cooler room and add four aging tanks. “We have our loyal customers to thank for our continued success, and as our sales continue to grow, we’ll continue to expand our capacity to keep up with the demand,” Martino added. “We’ve still got plenty of room to grow and we fully intend to do so.”

The first piece of equipment will be installed by the end of February.  [PressRelease]