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Saint Arnold’s Santo Is A Black Kolsch

Saint Arnold Brewing’s newest  beer arrives on September 1st.  This beer is a departure not only from Saint Arnold’s labeling, but styles also.

Santo is a dark kolsch beer, 0r a kolsch style beer brewed with darker malt. interviewed Brock Wagner of Saint Arnold with this to say:

“This is the first beer we have ever brewed that started with the packaging, The process started over four years ago. We originally commissioned Carlos to design new packaging for Saint Arnold Brown Ale. We loved what he came back to us with, but somehow it didn’t fit the Brown Ale. Thus began our work on creating a beer to fit the packaging, an odd process for us. The final result was a recipe we called a black Kölsch. We’ve been waiting to have the capacity available to brew it and are now very excited to begin drinking it.”

Availability: 1/2, 1/6, and 12 oz bottles.

Arrival: September 1st

4.9% ABV