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Spiteful Releases Jackass O’Lantern

Spiteful Brewing Jackass O'Lantern

Spiteful Brewing’s (Chicago, IL) Jackass O’ Lantern has returned to shelves. Brewed with roasted sugar pumpkins.

Jackass O’Lantern starts with all five brewery employees roasting sugar pumpkins in their home ovens. The next day they are brought in and added to the brew.

 “Say what you will about spiced beers, I think they’re seasonally appropriate. They don’t have to taste like canned pumpkin pie filling. They can be brewed with balance in mind,” Spiteful representative Calvin Fredrickson says. “Ours is meant to address the festive jackassery associated with Halloween.”

Spiteful Creative Director Luke Snobeck collaborated with Joelle Tafoya in creating the label for Jackass O’ Lantern. Available in 22oz bombers in the Chicago area.

Style: Pumpkin Ale (w/ Roasted Sugar Pumpkin)
Availability: 22oz Bombers. Fall seasonal

6.66% ABV