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Smuttynose Winter Ale

Smuttynose WinterSelling really well in Atlanta right now is Smuttynose Winter Ale.   Smuttynose hails from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, founded in 2004.

Winter Ale is a Belgian Dubbel.  Dubbel  literally means “Double” and it’s a naming convention used by Trappist beer brewers.   The first dubbel was brewed by Westmalle, a Trappist brewer, in 1856.  The term “Trappist” refers to beer brewed under the control of Trappist Monks.  Trappist yeast gives beer a fruity flavor.  Long story short, Westmalle brewed a brown ale.   The brown ale was reformulated again to be stronger years later, Dubbel or double the strength.

Smuttynose Winter is brewed in the trappist style, minus the high abv.  Winter is an amber ale brewed with Trappist yeast.  Fruity aromas are present from the yeast.   Crystal hops were used.   Dubbels focus more on the malty flavors in beer, hops being an afterthought, so expect malty/fruity goodness.

Available from late October until the end of January.   Limited draft offerings in Atlanta.

4.8% ABV