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The Smithsonian is hiring a beer historian

Maybe history wasn’t your cup of tea in school. Remembering the date of Waterloo, the Battle of 1812, or the name of the first animal in space wasn’t your thing either. Maybe you find museums like Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian only interesting if Ben Stiller and Robin Williams are chasing the exhibits around. That might all be true, until you hear about this new job posting.

The Smithsonian is hiring an historian/scholar to cover a new initiative on American brewing history, with special emphasis on the craft brewing industry.

No, you don’t have to document beer from the dawn of time. This position is part of the Smithsonian’s food history initiative. The beer industry was all but extinct after Prohibition. It took years for not only the industry, but American beer consumption to rebound to what it was prior to 1919. For this position, the candidate will focus¬†the American brewing industry from the 1960’s forward.

Besides love of beer, what does the ideal candidate need to possess? Keep in mind that the Smithsonian is at it’s core a museum and scholarly institute. A successful candidate will have proven experience in scholarly research, conducting interviews, and content development. Those with advanced degrees with American business, brewing, or food are at the top of the list.

The base salary isn’t bad either. Upwards of $60,000 dollars a year, plus benefits for this 3 year appointment.

It will take more than your Untappd history to snag this job, however. Click here for the full job posting. (Opens in new window.)