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Sierra Nevada Kolsch To Join Summer Pack

Sierra Nevada Kolsch

Sierra Nevada Kolsch, winner of the Great American Beer Festival Gold and Silver, looks to receive a little bottle treatment this year. The light bodied beer has been a draft only offering in the past.

From Cologne to California, Kolsch-style beers are a favorite around the world, prized for their incredible drinkability while maintaining a depth of flavor. As our stamp on the style, this Kolsch-style has a punch of bright, citrusy American whole-cone hops to add West Coast character it is well–traveled ale.

Sierra Nevada Kolsch will be available in 12oz bottles. Look for it in the Sierra Nevada Summer Pack.

Style: Kolsch
Availability: 12oz Bottles
Release: TBA

5% ABV

2 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Kolsch To Join Summer Pack

  1. have not seen this at any supermarket anywhere near me 🙁 eagerly awaiting , however it is a valid point American hops throws the genuinity of it out the window (yes im making words im drinking)

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