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Sierra Nevada Celebration 2013 Bottled

Halloween approaches. Fall is falling. Over the weekend people were drinking hard in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival.

In Chico, California, Sierra Nevada was bottling Celebration Ale. The seasonal IPA is brewed with fresh hops for a delicious piney and citrusy India Pale Ale.

Arriving again in November, 2013.

Style: IPA
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Late Fall/Winter Seasonal.

6.8% ABV

2 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Celebration 2013 Bottled

    • Don’t forget to factor in the hop torpedo, Sierra Nevada doesn’t just use it for Torpedo Extra IPA. “The Torpedo is a stainless steel device packed with whole-cone hops and
      sealed against pressure. Fermenting beer is circulated out of a
      fermenter, through the column of hops, and back into the fermentation
      tank. This circulation method is easily manipulated through time,
      temperature and speed. We can control what types of flavors and aromas
      we extract from the hops and how those aromas will appear in the
      finished beer.”

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