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Shmaltz David’s Slingshot Hoppy Summer Lager

Shmaltz David's Slingshot Hoppy Summer Lager

Shmaltz Brewing Company (Saratoga Springs, NY) is gearing up for a new brewhouse and hot weather. We could be wrong, but that guy rocking the slingshot on the label looks a lot like brewery founder Jeremy Cowan. Speaking of Jeremy, if you have never taken the time to read his beer label musings, you are missing out.

As a young shepherd, David famously vanquished the giant Goliath with a hand-crafted sling. Our modern anti-hero Bart Simpson clowns through childhood with a slingshot. Homer. Caesar. and Thucydides wrote of slings. The IRA. The Incas vs the Conquistadores. Native Americans and Palestinians have all wielded this iconic weapon of the underdog. A low-status tool, ancient slings were rarely preserved in the tombs of the wealthy. Michelangelo’s David embodied resistance and epic beauty in the Renaissance. Slingshots meant merry mischief to Dennis the Menace, Calvin, Woody Woodpecker and the Beverly Hillbillies. A musician and poet, the teenage David rescued his sheep from the mouth of lions. The first to unite the entire nation of Israel. the lineage of the Messiah descends from him. In Samuel 17, rising to the boasts of a mighty enemy, David refused the armor and weapons of the King. instead proclaiming victory. Not by my sword but by my Spirit” David in Hebrew means “Beloved”. I am approaching the age that my dad. David. died when I was a teenager. A lifelong Special Ed teacher and summer Army reservist. he served as both loving mentor and affable prankster a dedicated advocate for the underdog. In Alchemy, the Star of David equals a mystical union of male/female earth/sky leading to nirvana. The 6-pointed Brewers Star blends fire, water, malt, yeast, hops, and the character of the brewer. In the spirit of a slew of Dards & Slingshots. Shmaltz hoists our tribute to the glories of Summer… L’Chaim! Jeremy Cowan, proprietor

Style: Lager
Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft
Arrival: TBA

5.5% ABV