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Send A Beer Over Twitter

It was only a matter of time before you c0uld do this.  Now you can send beer to your friends over Twitter.  The service was created by tenfour and Waggener Edstrom (in apparently a short 6 ish weeks).  It’s called Tweet-A-Beer, that operates through a service called Chirpify.  You are essentially linking your Twitter and Paypal accounts together to “publicly” send money to another individual to buy beer.  I say publicly, because it requires you to announce it on Twitter.  You’ll hear a lot more about Tweet-A-Beer at SWSX that opens today in Austin, Texas.  Here are the steps to sending your first beer.

Head over to Http://

Pick out the lucky recipient of your beer (money)

 Pick a reason for the brew. (Personal favorite – I slept with your kin)

tenacity |təˈnasitÄ“|.  noun – the quality or fact of being very determined; determination: you have to admire the tenacity of this guy

 You can add a location if you desire

 There’s your beer tweet, ready to go

P.S.- You’ll see this Chirpify tweet…


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