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Senator Brown Fights For Small Breweries

Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts has sent a letter to the states alcohol commission.  The letter states “the new ABCC law interpretation is a brewery job killer.”

He’s right.  The story has evolved this week when Idle Hands Brewing was denied their farmer-brewery license, making it possible to operate in the state.  The denial was on the ground that they do not grow 50% of the hops & grains to be used in brewing.  This is devastating for the states 25 breweries.  This new interpretation of the farmer-brewery law will force breweries to pay close to $5,000 more for a license, lose the ability to sell beer in the tap room, and can no longer self distribute.

Sen. Scott told the commission:

“The costs of compliance would be burdensome, and in some cases, crushing . . . I urgently request that the ABCC reconsider this proposed change.’’

The ABCC states the decision is not final, and they are using this opportunity to hear the concerns from the public, and brewing industry.

This is another instance where the current law structure in some states does not support or stimulate the growth of small breweries.  The restrictions are stifling, and could cause breweries to go out of business. []