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Scofflaw Brewing partners with Brewdog

Brewdog Scofflaw

Atlanta based Scofflaw Brewing has formed a one-year partnership with BrewDog Ohio.

Scofflaw Brewing opened on Atlanta’s Westside in July of 2016. The fan demand hasn’t let up since. Co-founder Matt Shirah & Travis Herman make beer for Georgia, and as they have learned, keep up has been tough. Luckily, there’s a Scottish brewery that has just settled stateside that has offered to help.

Scofflaw has signed a one-year deal with Ohio-based BrewDog, acquired exclusive access to some of the new brewery’s excess brewery and canning capacity. These cans are destined for one place – their Georgia home.

“James and Tim have offered us a bridge, one that will allow us to radically improve our canning capacity and capabilities. We can, no pun intended, continue to produce beer and simultaneously build out our third expansion.  We are also working to develop our own, more sophisticated Atlanta-based canning operation. Our current draft production facility and tasting room will stay in place and where it belongs, on Atlanta’s Westside.”- Scofflaw co-founder Matt Shirah

Since opening, Scofflaw has undergone “three expansions” says Jonathan Ingram, Media Relations for the brewery. The first added three 60-barrel fermentation tanks and one bright tank in late spring. The second added three 90-barrel fermentation tanks + one bright tank in July, and the third is a new 50-barrel brewhouse, eight 100-barrel tanks and bright tanks for build-out by March 1st, 2018. This expansion will increase Scofflaw’s annual capacity to 30,000 barrels (nearly a million gallons of beer annually).

This partnership will include a new collaboration beer between Brewdog and Scofflaw, as well as Scoffaw’s beer being poured in Brewdog’s restaurant in Ohio.

Scofflaw’s first Brewdog produced cans will hit the Atlanta market in late January, early February 2018.