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Samuel Adams already sees the Bruins win, plans Black & Gold

Samuel Adams Black & Gold

Not going to lie. When we first saw the Black and Gold name, it seemed a little Steelers like to us. Black & yellow? Black & Gold? Whatever. Today, artwork prematurely surfaced for Samuel Adams Black & Gold, aimed at celebrating the Boston Bruins winning the (still in play) Stanley Cup.

Now, it’s no secret that breweries need to get artwork into the government ahead of time, but for any hardcore sports fan, you never want to jinx it.

The talking heads on sports networks heavily favor the Boston Bruins, who have actually won the Stanley Cup in recent memory. The Saint Louis Blues, an underdog by default, is the oldest active NHL team that has never touched The Cup.

More importantly, one of the most famous goals in NHL history game out of the Bruins and Blues on May 10, 1970. Bobby Orr, the Bruins defenseman, scored in overtime to win the Stanley Cup the Boston team for the first time since 1941. Orr was tripped by defensemen Noel Picard, and thanks to photographer Ray Lussier, the rest is history.

As for Black & Gold, the beer is a 16-ounce black lager, brewed in Pennsylvania that already has two NHL teams perpetually locked in a bloodbath.

Right now, the Blues lead in Game 3, as the Bruins have a 2-1 lead in the best of 7.

Still… this has to sting a bit for Blues fans. Perhaps in 2019 they will make history.

Image: Ray Lussier