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Sad But True, James Bond Dropping Martini For Heineken

Last week I spent about a day and a half at Heineken NV’s National Brand Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.  If nothing else, the expo really gave me an insight to a global company like Heineken.  Around 8 AM, on a day ending in “Y” (I don’t remember which.) Hundreds of retailers, Heineken employees and more filed into the Fabulous Fox Theater downtown for rundown of the business.  Let me tell you first and foremost, it wasn’t just a podium and a mic.  There were bands, lasers, moving HD screens, smoke, fire & etc.  I probably would have paid for that kind of show in Vegas.

Half way through the opening number speech, Heineken announced a big surprise.  They have inked a deal with the makers of the Jame’s Bond installment coming this November – Skyfall.  The exclusive deal will not only find Bond on packaging, commercials, and the like – but he will ditch the cocktail for the notable green bottle.  Shaken, Not stirred indeed.  They also showed teasers of Bond drinking the Heineken, along side all the new marketing behind it this summer.

I’m sure you have your own feeling on this move.  Personally, the martini was/is part of the appeal.  They are synonymous with each other.

Moments before  announcing the change in Bond’s drinking preference…




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