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Russian River Sanctification Home Brew Clone

This is a home brew recipe for Russian River’s Sanctification, straight from Vinnie Cilruzo’s mouth.  He did an interview with It’s a great interview of course, but the real gem is the recipe. I love the things you find when searching for home brew recipes.  From the interview:

Here are some basics:

85% 2-row Malt
5% Vienna Malt
5% Wheat Malt
5% Acidulated Malt

OG: 1.058
TG: 1.006-1.010
ABV: 6.25%
BU’s: 25ish

Styrian Golding 90 minute — beginning of boil
Sterling 15 minutes to go in boil

The yeast is a mix of Brettanomyces and bacteria’s.
50% Brett Brux.
10% Brett Claus.
10% Brett Lambicus
30% Russian River Brewing “Funky Bunch” house yeast culture- mix of Brett, Lacto, Pedio, & other wild yeast

The RRBC house culture we call the “Funky Bunch” could be cultured from a bottle of Beatification.

You’ll see a long lag phase at the start of fermentation and then a slowing of fermentation when it gets to 1.020, from there it has to sit for a couple of months before it gets down to the gravity listed above. Depending on if you bottle or not you will need to make a decision on the final gravity. If you do bottle it has to be bottled at 1.010 or so, but, not above that or the bottles will over carbonate and the bottles might explode.