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Rogue Blurs Two Beer Styles (Sorta)

Pumpkin Patch_750-4B

Finally, a beer that doesn’t try to be one thing AND another at the same time. This new label from Rogue Ales (Newport, OR) basically tells you how it is. The brewery has produced a barleywine (Old Crustacean) in the past, just as it has made IPAs. So what do you do when you have a beer that seems to be both? You call it how it is – New Crustacean Barleywineish Imperial India Pale Ale Sorta.

On board yet? A beer that defies all traditonal definitions doesn’t need a name that does so right? ┬áJust like in nature, this beer is a cross between an imperial IPA and a barleywine, while not really being either. It’s like the platypus off beer.┬áCalled a “cult favorite” in the brewpub, Rogue is looking to bottle this and let you sort it out for yourself. Sorta.

Style: A little bit of Barleywine, a little bit of IPA
Availability: Draft (Current), 750ml bottles (Soon)
Arrival: TBA

9.6% ABV