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Red Lobster’s Chemical Filled Beer Line Injures Customer

When you clean tap lines, flush the cleaner out of the lines. It’s that simple. Business traveler Justin Grogg found that out when he ordered a Budweiser at the Dallas Red Lobster. Early that morning, the taps lines were cleaned at the restaurant, however some of the potassium hydroxide used as cleaner was left in the line. His throat and stomach immediately started burning, prompting a hospital visit.

The damage was minor, but now he is seeking $50,000 Р$100,000 dollars in damages.  Ouch. Darden Restaurants owns Red Lobster, plus other notables Longhorn Steakhouse, Seasons 52, Capital Grill, and Yard House.

3 thoughts on “Red Lobster’s Chemical Filled Beer Line Injures Customer

  1. Sympathy for the guy, but that’s what you get when you choose to patronize a Red Lobster, and order an inferior beer.

  2. That’s what you get for ordering a Bud instead of their house “craft” beer. I slipped in a Red Lobster bathroom in Jacksonville on Baymeadows and got squat from Liberty Mutual. Just reimbursement for out of pocket expenses for a broken elbow. Pointed out the problem to management prior to my slip. Bet they still allow the soap dispenser to drip on the wet tile.

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