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Rare Beer Opportunity TONIGHT! – Left Hand/Terrapin Collaboration Casks Tonight!

Another rare “beerportunity” is upon you this July 16th…

If you don’t know already, Left Hand Brewery has been in Athens, Ga this past week working on a collaboration brew called “Depth Charge.” (Espresso Milk Stout.) More to come on that later…

In celebration of this collaboration, Left Hand and Terrapin will be bringing a cask each to Brickstore Pub in Decatur.

Left Hand is bringing Left Hand is bringing Jackman’s Pale Ale, Dry Hopped w/ Mt. Hood and Cascade Hops. Just a little knowledge – Mt Hood Hops are a genetic combination deriving from Hallertau hops around 1983. Mt Hood has a spicy flavor, and is implemented in many lagers. Cascade Hops are a derivative of Fuggle hops, dating back to the mid 70’s and are more floral. Often used in pale ales.

Dry hopping a beer ( for instance this cask) is an act of introducing hops after you have boiled your wort (wort = beer mixture.) Dry hopping gives your more hop flavor to your final product without adding a lot of bitterness. Trust me, is sounds complicated, but hopefully you get the general idea of what makes a special cask like this interesting…

Terrapin Brewery is bringing a sneak preview of their recent addition to their side project series – Maggie’s Farmhouse Saison. After speaking to a couple a of people at Terrapin, I can tell they are QUITE excited about this release.

Maggies Farmhouse Saison is a mixture of rye malt, wheat malt, and Dupont House yeast strain – the same yeast strain that is used in Saison Dupont. (Another Belgian beer. Tasty. Find it, try it… ) All the Terrapin Side Project series have been absolutely tasty, so I hope you are excited to taste this release as I am.

With that said, I hope to see you there. Don’t miss out. If you see me there, say hi…

Need to know info –

Brickstore Pub
125 East Court Square Decatur, Ga 30030