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Pretty Things X Ale Brewed from 18th Century Recipe

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, echoing popular British styles from the 1800’s, brings these beers from history back to life.  In collaboration with and thanks to the research of Mr. Ron Pattinson out of Amsterdam, X Ale is slated to be brewed in February 2012.

Mild was a hugely popular style for more than a century (1800-1900s).  Here, we have released two milds side-by-side, which represent beers from opposite ends of that period.  Over those years, Mild changed considerably: something these beers amply demonstrate.  Though bearing the same name, X Ale, in character they could hardly be more dissimilar.  

The 1830’s saw the beginning of a boom in Mild ale brewing, which in 30 years became England’s favorite beer.  This beer, 1838 X Ale is a typical London Mild of the era: bigger and more robustly hopped than modern versions.  Brewed from 10% pale malt and Kent hops, this is a straightforward, uncomplicated beer, much like the working classes who first drank it.  The color is also much paler than you might expect.  From this original form, Mild was to undergo many transformations, culminating in the second beer in this series, February 22nd, 1945.  Drink them side-by-side to compare how this beer style evolved

-Ron Pattinson, January 2012

First brewed Nov 22nd, 1838
This batch brewed Feb 13th, 2012

Style: English Mild
Availability: 22 oz bombers
Arrival: Spring 2012

ABV: ??