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Pong Beer Is Real

This is Pong Beer.  Beer brewed specifically for Beer Pong. As you can probably guess, Pong Beer is a light lager. describes their employees like this:

…beer fanatics committed to providing the highest quality, most flavorful, premium product at a reasonable price.” The site describes the beer as being “brewed using only the finest natural ingredients to produce an exceptionally crisp, smooth, and refreshing light beer.”

Pong Beer is sold in 10 states currently, in 30 packs with 2 pong balls for play.  There are supplemental “Reload” pack, with more cups and 4 pong balls.   The beer is brewed at Latrobe Brewing (Latrobe, PA).  Seem gimicky?  Beer pong products produce close t0 $20 million in sales annually.  There are more than 100 beer pong leagues nationwide, with a national championship held in Las Vegas each year.

Current State Availability: WI, IL, OH, KY, TN, PA, NY, CT, NJ, RI
Soon: FL, NC, VA, MD, AR, TX, CA 

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