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Pipeworks Brewing adds Connecticut distribution

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Chicago based Pipeworks Brewing Co. will be distributing to the state of Connecticut. The brewery has signed a distribution deal with Sarene Craft Beer Distribution.

A exact date when beer will be flowing was not specified by Pipeworks. They did, however, provide a little insight as to why they are skipping over a few local states and pouring in Connecticut.

Well, we’re a self-distributing brewery. That means we load our beer into vans in Chicago and drive it ourselves to retailers, restaurants, and bars to ensure that it arrives in your glass or fridge in the freshest condition possible. There’s a cap on how much beer we can self-distribute in our home state and we’ve hit that ceiling.

Pipeworks Brewing was started by Gerrit Lewis and Beejay Oslon in 2012. Besides Chicago, the brewery can be found in Colorado through Tivoli Distribution.