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Pint Glasses That Squirt Ink If Stolen

Kopparberg Security Glass

People steal pint glasses. I think every bar owner has figured that out. Cider maker Kopparberg has come up with a solution – security tags. The same kind of tags you see on clothes in stores, but with a twist. If you try to take this glass more than 100 meters (300+ feet) from the bar, the tag explodes ink. Like an octopus. Good theft deterrent? Just don’t be that douchebag with the ink all over you the rest of the night because you ganked a glass…

4 thoughts on “Pint Glasses That Squirt Ink If Stolen

  1. I get why they’re doing this but alcohol + ink spewing anti-theft devices = a lot of really bad drunk pranks.

  2. I wonder how many glasses would need to be stolen to equal the amount they paid for the glasses and monitoring system.

  3. I can’t wait to toss one of these in my buddy’s back pack when he’s not looking and have it explode…

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