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Perfect Name? Surly Misanthrope

Just because Surly Brewing (Brooklyn Center, MN) is building their dream destination brewery, doesn’t mean their new beer innovation slows down. This dislike of humankind creation is Surly Misanthrope, an American wild ale.

Simply put, just as the description states, Misanthrope is a Belgian-style beer aged in oak barrels with the wild yeast Brett.

This Belgian-style saison ale is aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces. Golden in color, it has notes of tropical fruit wrapped in an oaky horse blanket, and, you know, other stuff that combine to produce blah blah blah to create blah and etc. It is best served cool and enjoyed alone or with a tolerated companion. 

Surly Misanthrope will be available in 750ml bottles.

Style: American Wild Ale (Oak Aged)
Availability: 750ml Bottles.
Arrival: TBA

?? ABV