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It’s finally getting easier to buy 6-packs in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania 6-packs

Plaguing beer buyers in Pennsylvania for years is something you might take for granted during your beer buying experience. Six packs.

In the past, customers purchasing beer from the Pennsylvania distributors, had to do so by the case. All or nothing basically. Governor Tom Wolf has recently signed HB 1196, which allows beer distributors to sell six packs.

“Pennsylvanians have waited decades to bring their beer and liquor systems into the 21st century. I’m proud today to sign this bill, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, to ensure that the commonwealth is more inviting for customers and businesses.” – Governor Tom Wolf.

In May, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved licenses allowing gas stations to sell beer, further improving the customer beer buying experience in the state.

Below, an outline of some of the changes, “freeing the six pack” is changing:

  • Allowing distributor licensees to sell malt or brewed beverages in any amount to a unlicensed customer for off-premises consumption. The sales do not be in the manufacturer’s original configuration and can be sold in refillable growlers that can be resealed.
  • Allowing retail licensees to start selling on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. instead of 11:00 a.m.
  • Allowing a person licensed by another state to apply for a “malt or brewed beverage shipper license,” which allows the direct shipment of 192 fl. oz. of beer to be delivered to a customer per month; however, only 96 fl. oz. of a specific brand of beer may be shipped per year to an adult resident.
  • Allowing beer and liquor to be sold (in shatterproof containers) before, during and after professional and amateur athletic events and consumed outside the club seating and restaurant area, as can be done at performing arts events or other entertainment events.
  • Clarifies that a brewery does not need a brewery pub license to sell the products of other licensed breweries, limited wineries, limited distilleries and distilleries.

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