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Oskar Blues is now available in all 50 states

Oskar Blues is now available in all 50 states. The brewery recently tacked on the state of Montana.

The brewery signed a distribution deal with Summit Beverage Company in the Missoula and Butte markets, and Bronken’s Distributing in the Bozeman market.

That wraps up all 50.

“When I first left my home state of Alabama, I was dead set on being a fly fishing guide in Wise River Montana. My wife and I never made it past Lyons, CO as the vibe of the surrounding mountains grabbed us and we put down roots. A few years later we started Oskar Blues.” said Dale Katechis, soul-founder. “Now almostĀ 20 years later, we’re completing our trip to Montana bringing our journey full circle.

Additionally, the brewery is expanding distribution of their flagship beer Dale’s Pale Ale to Australia.

This year, Oskar Blues acquired Tampa, Florida’s Cigar City Brewing, and is now shipping a new beer – BEERITO Mexican Lager.

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